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Massive UCT Fire

Emergency Fund

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$25,000 goal

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We are fundraising for the UCT fire disaster

Dear fellow UCT alumni

As you may have heard, a massive fire is currently burning at our Alma Mater. It started near Rhodes Memorial (all the buildings of which have apparently burned down) and was spread by unfavorable winds to upper and even middle campus. Students and staff are all being evacuated. We do not know yet what the extent of the damage will be but what is already obvious is that there will be immense needs to simply help students and other UCT people in the immediate aftermath of this disaster. Anyone who can, please join me in showing our support for UCT and its students by giving or pledging now. You can do it through our website here: (please check other in the gift designation page). It will be a great help to the Administration to know that they have a fund available to lend a hand to those in desperate need.


Trevor Norwitz: Chairman UCT Fund Inc.